Why choose Raffles Premier Lodge?

We believe in the integration of Singapore’s Educational Concept and Customary Education.
A balance in both education and life education for students

Full Personality Education and Management

“A child’s successful education begins with good habits”

Eight Habits









Elite Education Concept

Physical Fitness

Enthusiasm & Confidence

Extracurricular Activities

Family Warmth and Love

One-to-one Personal Counselling

Afternoon Snack Time

Reduce Cultural Differences

Celebration of Birthday Months

Festivals and Traditional Festivals

Familiarity with the New Environment

Responsibilities of Parents

To Communicate and have Feedback from




Teaching students according to their aptitude

To be self-respectful and independent.


Respectful Education

Allowing the child to feel love and concern for him/her from their teacher and peers.

Understanding the student’s psychology and allow them to share their feeling of homesickness openly.

Senior Education Managers

Tan Yun Mei



Education Background

Bachelor of Science, University of Singapore
Diploma of Education, Singapore Institute of Education
Outstanding Speaker, Toastmasters International


Work Experience

40 years of teaching experience
She retired as the vice-principal of the CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School


Social Service Experience

Served as district Director, District supervisor and member of the district Executive Committee for the Singapore region of Toastmasters International, serving the West Coast Residents Committee.


Let’s hear from our students

In 17 years, I came into contact with Raffles Premier Lodge by chance and chose to study in Singapore. With more anxiety than expectation, I embarked on my overseas study trip. My living habits changed due to boarding life that I have never had before. Since my parents are not around, I have to quickly adapt and become independent.

During my most helpless moment, Raffles Premiere Lodge’s teachers and roommates gave me great help and support in my study and life. The teachers would come to me regularly to understand the current situation, and help me solve my worries and doubts based on the experience of those who have come here. If I have any difficulties or ideas, they will communicate with the school as soon as possible.

On weekends or holidays, they also organizes activities such as meal appointments to enrich extracurricular life. I am very grateful to them for making me more cheerful and positive, and making my study abroad life more colorful and meaningful!


Student, at Raffles Premier Lodge

When parents send their children out to study, there will inevitably be things to worry about. There is no way to help her in learning, and there is no way to take care of her in life because of the distance.

Fortunately, there are teachers from Raffles Premier Lodge who take care of our children in all aspects. Thank you very much for supervising my child’s studies.

Phoebe's Mother

Parent, Raffles Premier Lodge

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